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Palladium carbon, as the name suggests, is a composite of palladium and carbon, commonly found in chemical laboratories or as an industrial catalyst. Once these palladium carbon materials are depleted, they should not be simply discarded because the palladium they contain is highly valuable for recovery. So, how should we recover it? Let me explain in detail.

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The first step in palladium carbon recovery is separation. Place the palladium-containing solid material into a reactor and add a specific chemical solvent. The purpose of this step is to detach the palladium from the carbon base and transfer it into the solution.

Once the palladium enters the solution, it needs to be purified. This is generally achieved through electrochemical methods, namely, by extracting the palladium from the solution via electrolysis. After deposition, the palladium still exists in metallic form, but this is not its final state. Further purification of palladium is achieved through heating and acid washing, eventually resulting in a high-purity palladium product.

In conclusion, palladium carbon recovery is a technical task, and I hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of palladium carbon recovery in the context of precious metals trading.